Louis Vuitton lost the patent of classic pattern

After being snubbed by Chinese consumers, the luxury brand Louis Vuitton suffered a major blow. The European Union German court abolished the two trademark rights of the brand in April 21st. The luxury brand Louis Vuitton was hit by the EU German court in April 21st to cancel the brand’s two trademark rights. Louis Vuitton

Luxury style between the virtual world and the real world

The fashion week of Paris is coming to an end. Louis Vuitton, as the brand of the press brand, once again raised the wardrobe revolution of modern women, and sent an uplifting challenge with the classic sense of city. In this adventurous journey of self cognition, aesthetics and craft, everyone can deduce the most wonderful,

No wonder everyone wants to buy a louis vuitton bag

I believe a lot of people have seen it and have read it many times and understand the two letters of the beginning of L: labels and love. Through the major brands are really a fire, Carrie put everything into the interpretation of the classic, any bags have a “Carrie exclusive style on her”. The

LV will open 2 factories in the United States

Affected by the continuous rising demand for products, the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton is making layout in other parts of the world outside France, and has recently confirmed that it will open factories in the US. The brand, in the past, said it was possible to set up factories in Texas or Carolina. MichaelBurke,

Louis Vuitton might be made in a village in Texas in the future

Want to know from where the hands of the brand system, should be very consistent with the current people’s consumption mentality. According to the “women’s Daily” reported that the LVMH group announced its Louis Vuitton brand in the United States of Texas, he bought nearly 300 acres (about 1 million 215 thousand square meters) of

Louis Vuitton took you on a time trip

Starting in December 15th, LV LV (Louis Vuitton) “time, Jin, and bladder Exhibition” — Shanghai will take you on a time trip and enjoy a series of selected rare collections and documents in LV LV (Louis Vuitton) archive. “Time – Jin – sac” exhibition – Shanghai will take you first came to the magic box

2018 Art Gift from Louis Vuitton

Today, the gift has become an art. For the holiday season, LV LV (Louis Vuitton) was born in early 2017 launched a new series of gifts of art design to echo nowadays generous gifts fashion theme. A variety of elegant and elegant decorations, rare accessories and exquisite luxury sporting goods add a classic and gorgeous

Louis Vuitton Beijing SKP special time limit store

Here is the BOBOSNAP ON-AIR information columns, very cold night everyone in a warm bed to sleep, small top 10 degrees below zero weather like playing chicken like will bring Louis Vuitton Beijing SKP Special Limited stores open on the first hand news for you! BOBOSNAP is invited to the media at the first time

Louis Vuitton on men’s week show in Paris

At the end of the Milan station in January 16th, the Paris station is about to open. There is no schedule on this day. A fashion circle’s departure incident has broken a moment’s peace. Louis Vuitton men’s wear creative director Kim Jones is leaving after the 2018 autumn winter men’s wear conference. In January 18th,

Louis Vuitton 2018 autumn and winter men’s wear series

Louis Vuitton (Louis Weedon) 2018 autumn and winter series released in Paris’s Royal Palace, this season with the scenery — a group of brands across Kenya in the journey to design an aerial photo source, through the mountains, travel around the world, the interpretation of the eternal theme of the series is travel, men’s Art