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Cloud servers in Colombia

Cloud servers with the smaller latency!

Ready to use in minutes, Connected NAP Colombia, Storage SSD RAID10, Xeon Processors, Resources Flexibles and Datacenter in Colombia.

Cloud servers within reach of your hands


All the advantages of an infrastructure 100% in Colombia with the immediacy of a click



Your data do not need to go and to return from the outside. It accedes less than to all servers in 20 milliseconds since we are connected NAP Colombia.


More powerful

Protection of your data with the Habeas and Ambient Data of high security in a modern Datacenter with international certification Tier 3

More powerful


Powerful infrastructure, constructed with the best technology of servers blade and solid state disks (SSD) of high performance in RAID10


It controls 100% your servers and cloud from a friendly and robust Control Panel Web. It installs new servers and assigns resources to them with a click

Our servers cloud run in hardware enterprise of high performance with tolerance to failures, in an infrastructure cloud located in a modern one to physically datacenter located in Colombia and certificate at world-wide level by the Uptime organization, fulfilling the highest standards of the industry.

Multiple options of settled operating systems and software

Servers who adjust to your needs

It begins selecting one of the following plans. You will be able to modify it in the following step.


/mes * 2GB
Ram memory 1 vCPU
Xeon 3,06 Ghz 15GB
Public Colombia100GB

/mes transference



/mes * 4GB
Ram memory 2 vCPU
Xeon 3,06 Ghz 40GB
Public Colombia400GB
/mes transference




/mes * 6GB
Ram memory 4 vCPU
Xeon 3,06 Ghz 80GB
Public Colombia2TB
/mes transference




/mes * 8GB
Ram memory 6 vCPU
Xeon 3,06 Ghz  120GB
Public Colombia

2TB/mes transference

Multiple Servers


* promotional Price. The code of discount receives 30% of discount in your first contract using: REALMENTE-EN-COLOMBIA

All our plans include

  • Hiring

  • It forms up to 24 vCPU and 96GB of RAM by servant.

  • The services of hosting do not pay IVA

  • Without permanence contracts.

  • Payment in line and immediate activation.

Guarantee of time to the air. We compensate any fall.

  • Datacenter in Medellín connected to NAP Colombia

  • Storage in SAN dedicated enterprise with discs SAS in RAID10.

  • Access SSH/RDP as root/administrator.

  • Car-to escalation.

Backup copy Snapshots and automatization.

  • Control Panel

  • He reinitiates, he extinguishes or he ignites your servant with a click.

  • Increase or diminution of resources at any time.

  • Direct access to console via Web.

  • Reinstallation of operating systems.

Cloning of servers.

  • Support

  • Help and support through chat in line, telephone or e-mail.

  • 19 years of experience rendering solutions in Internet.

  • Served and supported in Colombia.

  • Monitoring on watch 24/7/365.

Atmosphere of high fault tolerant availability and.

Guarantee of Satisfaction 100%

By the speed, endorsement and technology, we are best hosting for your site. Guaranteed!

With the best infrastructure of hosting designed especially for websites done in Colombia, never you will think more about providing with accomodations in the outside. We guarantee your absolute satisfaction with the service or give back your money.

Guarantee of Better Price

Not only we offer the best service of hosting, but the best price!

With our guarantee of better price, you can be certainly your investment is the best one. If you find another service of hosting in Colombia with the same characteristics but with smaller price, we will receive 10% less to you than the smaller price than you find.

It waters Voz and Gana Dinero

Return to you a Partner Affiliate and you begin to make money

Designed to help you to generate income in exchange for referring new clients. If you design, you are to webmaster or simply somebody that wants to have income easily extra, our program of affiliates is designed for you.

We are a company 100%

All our infrastructure is located in Colombia which guarantees that your information does not leave the country. In addition, as company legally constituted in Colombia all services is invoiced, rendered and supported in Colombia.

We take care of the security of your information

Our cloud is located in a modern one to datacenter Tier III under the strictest controls of access that next to the protection of data of the Habeas dates guarantee the tranquillity of the handling of the information of our clients.

We are your team of experts

We count on a team of specialists in design of networks and administration of servers. If you need infrastructure for your ERP, CRM, CMS or so you wish, they are to help you.

What is Cloud or Nube?

A cloud is an infrastructure composed by multiple physical servers, connected to each other and sharing a system of external storage. On this cloud virtual servers are created who run of abstract and dynamic form on this group of physical resources. When one of the physical servers is affected, the physical servant simply migrates immediately and transparently another physical servant.

Although it is heard much of cloud and cloud, few really offer a cloud and simply they offer virtualized servers. If a virtualized servant fault, all the virtual servers also fails.

Why in Colombia and not in the outside?

The two main keys of the success of any project in Internet are the security and the speed. When providing with accomodations in Colombia we can offer to our clients the minimum latency possible and to guarantee the chain of well-taken care of protection of data. Who provides with accomodations in the outside is itself faced so much a physical limitation of distance as a a risk of trusting his data to individuals or foreign companies that do not take refuge in the laws.

In Conexcol, as developer and pioneers of Internet in the country we detected this problem and we seted out to fix it.

How to identify in which country is provided with accomodations a website?

Simply it enters in touch with us, provides the direction to us of the site which you wish to know its location. Quickly we will say the country to you where it is provided with accomodations and which is the response time from Colombia. Alternatively you can use some of the gratuitous tools available in Internet, such as https://www.iplocation.net/ or http://www.ipfingerprints.com/

among others.

For which Conexcol Cloud is better than other solutions?
Sómos the only service of hosting designed and constructed especially for entrepreneurs, designers Web and webmasters. Our plans of hosting shared use CPanel of clusterizada and distributed form in an infrastructure constructed by we ourself. All the aspects have been constructed making use of the best technologies of the world-wide industry. At the same time all our infrastructure was installed in Colombia to be able to maintain the data of our clients in Colombia and to offer the greater speed of possible access. We on a par have 19 years implementing in Colombia the infrastructure of Internet of the world. We offer the best technology, to the best price and with the best support. Other companies sell the false idea that to provide with accomodations in the outside is better.

What is hosting shared?

Hosting shared is what normally hosting is known as Web. This he is the type of hosting more used to provide with accomodations websites and accounts of mail of SMEs or personal use. It is called shared because the same platform of hosting is shared by several clients.

We use CloudLinux as operating system that isolates each one of the clients who share the platform to guarantee that the sites work always fast avoiding the call “effect neighbourhood?.

What is hosting dedicated?

It is the service in which a servant of exclusive use obtains itself and that is not shared with no other client. On this servant each client can install his own operating system and wished software. The access is private and exclusive as administrator. All the control of the information and the use of the same is of exclusive feature of the client.

In Conexcol we offer the dedicated service with our Servers Cloud who allow the flexibility and economy to pay only by the resources that are needed, during the time that is needed without becoming jumbled with hardware nor technical complexities.

What type of plan is the indicated one for my?

Following the type of website and provided with accomodations application, a site can need a simple service shared until a group of dedicated servers cloud. The traffic generated by the majority of our clients never surpasses the limits of the selected plans.

Generally a small website of personal use or general use with few visits and that only requires a pair of email accounts, will work well in a Hosting Elastic Sites in Colombia Plan Alpha.

A website of a small business with 5 accounts of mail, normally will not reach its limits providing with accomodations in a plan of Hosting Elastic Sites Extra, whereas a company with medium traffic and more than 5 employees is recommended that Pro uses a plan of Hosting Elastic Sites. This also it is the plan recommended for webmasters and designers Web that several small sites related provide with accomodations sharing the same Control Panel.

If what you are going to provide with accomodations is an application Web, RoR, applications of companies, LMS, intranets, eLearning, stop performance, WebApps generally, a plan of Hosting is recommended cPanel Cluster.

For who acts as independent supplier of hosting but does not wish to enter the part of administration of dedicated servers, we have plans for Hosting remarketers cPanel Reseller.  These plans allow control of distribution of the resources of your main account between several subaccounts. You maintain your own separated clients some of others in plans of hosting that you yourself you create, assigning to each of your clients its own account to him of cPanel.

If you look for to install a special software, to have a servant of own mail, accounting, telephony servant, VPN, Windows Server, to form special services, to develop an exclusive platform or until opening your own company of hosting in Colombia, the service of hosting dedicated with Cloud Servers in Colombia is the indicated one for you.

He is very fast and easy. It must go to the section of Plans of Hosting or Servidores Cloud and only give click in the button to contract of the wished plan. A page will be opened that took it step by step to obtain its account of hosting in minutes. It only must enter his data of contact, type of domain to provide with accomodations and its account will be registered in the system of automatic form. It will receive a mail with the confirmation of the process and details on his account at the end of the process.

How I realise the payment?

How I provide with accomodations a domain that already I bought with another supplier?

I am a designer/to webmaster/design company/hosting and I would like to offer his technology to my clients. Exist some does plan of reseller/remarketer? We have several options for you. If you wish to send to us new clients you canTo associate to you as Affiliate of Conexcol Cloud and to win until 50% of commission by sale

. If you wish to resell our services you can contract one of our Plans for Remarketers or if you wish to begin your own business of hosting in Colombia, you can engage your own Servers of Hosting in Colombia.

I want to provide with accomodations a website right now, where I can contract?

It must enter the section of plans of hosting and only give click in the button to contract of the wished plan. A window with the assistant of account creation will be opened. All the process immediate and is automated.

Plans for each of your needs

Domains, Hosting of Websites, E-mails and Servidores
Elastic sites

Web Hosting

Websites for people and companies

Hosting Web to create and to provide with accomodations one easily or more websites with its respective accounts of email. Special for WordPress, Joomla, Woocomerce or any other site with technology PHP and MySQL.

plans hosting
Shared Hosting

cPanel Cluster

Applications Web and sites of critical mission

Oriented at speed and stability. It provides with accomodations in a cluster with talked back servers cPanel. Balance of traffic concerning DNS and in case of failing a servant, another one takes care of the traffic immediately.

plans cluster
Dedicated Hosting

cPanel Reseller

Developer Web and Remarketers

For who has his own clients of hosting. It arms your own located plans of hosting in Colombia and offers the maximum speed of local access. It centralizes all the accounts as administrator.

plans to reseller
Dedicated Hosting

Cloud servers

Infrastructure As Service (IaaS)

Servers Linux and Windows in the cloud. Obtén your servant dedicated in the cloud in a minute. Instances with Windows and Linux. It installs, it administers, it clones and it closes servers connected to NAP Colombia.
You have some doubt before contracting?