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Who We are

Pioneros and Disruptores in Infrastructure and Technological Development of the Internet in Colombia

The Cloud

Service of hosting with a public portal totally automated offering services of cloud infrastructure (IaaS) on servers connected physically in Colombia. This means that any person can visit our website, to select to a servant plan cloud or a unlimited web hosting with cpanel, to personalize the characteristics with a pair of clicks. to pay in line and to physically receive a servant cloud SSD or ssd vps hosting located in datacenter in Colombia with international certification Tier 3. Everything in less than 5 minutes and without intervention of our part.

A servant in Colombia less than means approximately 20 milliseconds or response time. This represents a great difference compared with 80ms-300ms that any other supplier in the world offers, including the great ones known in the United States and those that are offered as s. This also means that the physical location of the data of our clients permanence within the legal jurisdiction of Colombia, which adds an extra layer of security on the data protected in the cloud.We are the pioneers in offering in the country the new technology of hosting call Elastic Sites®(Elastic Sites). A new alternative in Web hosting to the best cheap vps hosting offering Web hosting in atmospheres isolated with guaranteed resources of hardware and all the services of hosting shared cPanel administered by us, with all the qualified characteristics and tools to create and to maintain websites. (

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Pioneers of Internet in Colombia

Of Web search engine to Public Cloud

Conexcol was born officially as a directory and finder in January from 1998, becoming the only web search engine and one of the pioneering sites of Internet the country.

With hardly a year of life, Conexcol.com became the web search engine with greater amount of websites in the world, counting with more than 10 thousand active sites in its data base, surpassing immensely to the traditional motors thanks to its specialization in Colombia. One quickly became one of the 4 consulted sites more of the country, counting on chat systems, forums, between many other sections that were visited by thousands of s the day.

From the beginning always we faced the necessity to develop systems able to receive massive consultations and to give it in the smaller possible time, although always restricted by high costs of hosting in Colombia and of facing the latency that they involve to provide with accomodations in datacenters in the outside. Although they began to appear companies of hosting in Colombia, these did not provide with accomodations his clients in Colombia and the companies with servers in Colombia only took care of the corporative market with prices outside the reach of the designer, to webmaster or common businessman.

Before the lack of viable options of lodging in Colombia as much for us as developer as for our clients and friendly, we decided to face the challenge to create a viable product that all the endorsement offered and support that the clients require to a competitive price.

Now we are Jeanalex with a supply of public Cloud in Colombia, putting us to the vanguard of Internet in the country. During last the 19 years we have invested in infrastructure of last technology to provide with accomodations websites in Colombia with high speed and servers dedicated in cloud or dedicated server ip through an Infrastructure model as Service (IaaS) that we make available through our www.Jeanalex.com website

Hosting in Colombia really

We are and We provided with accomodations to you in Colombia 

Conexcol, to be physically in Colombia only offers response times to you around 20 milliseconds. With Conexcol not only the speed of access is privileged but it is the only form to fulfill the requirements to guarantee the fulfillment of the Habeas Data. Additionally all our plans include the most modern and sophisticated technologies of hosting that do not offer you in other parts.
Conexcol hosting was born from a necessity ours as enthusiastic developers and from Internet in Colombia before the lack from viable supplies in Colombia. Lamentably at present the majorities of the websites are provided with accomodations in the outside with response times of 80 to 200 milliseconds following the country where they provide with accomodations to you. After proving our service never you will think more about contracting another service of hosting.
Only Conexcol offers the best technology to you of hosting and servers in Colombia. The others…
Foreigners who put of s
s who gain foreign commissions of hostings
Remarketers of foreigners who simulate to be companies

s who without saying to you provide with accomodations to you abroad

They provide with accomodations to you in Colombia but without support, price nor suitable technology

Conexcol is and provides with accomodations in Colombia!

We work Only with the Best ones

We are engineers and developers Web and want to continue being . We defend the right to have an infrastructure of end in the world but in our own country and for that reason we worked 24/7 so that our infrastructure is quicker, stable, powerful and easy to use that any other in the world.


All our effort only has sense when the designers, webmasters, developers and entrepreneurs can obtain a real benefit of our work. We are enthusiastic reason why we do and for that reason always we are arranged to help and to guarantee that you have the best space in Internet.

We accompany great brands…

… and this is what they say

“The event Telethon is a challenge of more than 27 hours of commitment and professionalism. With Conexcol Cloud we have created reliable infrastructures, safe and fast, that today they continue responding to the needs of our users throughout the year, thanks to the support of his work party.?

Emilia Ruiz, President | Foundation Colombia Telethon

“Conexcol has been my first experience of hosting to lodge one of my projects that require dynamism and discharge availability. Very I am satisfied with the associate services and the amount of tools available for its administration. The very opportune and efficient technical support. I am convinced to continue using its services.?

Juan C. Castillo E., Manager | Argus Engineering

“By several years we have used the service of hosting of Conexcol and are very satisfied with the quality with the service and the effective answer to the support requests.?

Mauricio Moore, Manager | Concept Eight

“Conexcol Cloud has been for Logro.co an integral solution in several aspects of its technological needs. Not only it has given an excellent speed me, but the support permanently available of its specialized technicians has been critical when unexpected situations appear.?

Mauricio Uribe, Manager | Logro.co

For several years we trusted the services provided by Conexcol to lodge different projects from our clients, thanks to tranquillity offered by the endorsement of an excellent technical service.?

“We needed our own page to increase our capacity to promote, to support and to develop projects for benefit of different communities, we consulted many alternatives and it cheers to us to have chosen the best one; thanks to the diversity of applications and help, added to his expert and diligent technical support, to create our own website it has been a pleasing, reliable and successful experience?

Edgar Andrés Neira, Legal Representative | Real foundation

Endorsement of than 20 years giving more solutions of Internet to thousands of clients in Colombia

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