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Datacenters Conexcol

Powerful Megainstalaciones to Your Service

Facilities with international certifications, discharge availability, advanced systems of protection and security.

  • Datacenter In Colombia

  • Only in Colombia with Certification TIER III in Design and Construction

  • Only in the City of Medellín with Certification TIER III.

  • Only in Colombia Constructed and Designed under Norma NRS 10, for group of use IV: Indispensable constructions

  • Constructed in 2016 in a constructed area of 3,400 meters square

  • Designed and Guaranteed with international an interdisciplinary group with more than 10 years of Experience in Construction and Operation of Data Center
  • Innovating Datacenter in the Innovating city: Located in Medellín, the Valley of the Aburrá also known as “the Silicon Valley o'

Perimeter of armored access, CCTV and personnel of security 24x7x365 with accreditation, among others to fulfill the highest standards of control from access to the different areas from the building.

In Colombia He is Faster and Safe

Response times between 1ms and 20ms

This represents a great difference compared with 80 ms in the best one of the cases than it offers any other to datacenter outside Colombia, including the great located traditional suppliers in the United States. In the cases of datacenters in Europe the response time ms can arrive at 250.

Your data remain in Colombia

Physical location of the data of our clients permanence within the legal jurisdiction of Colombia, which adds an extra layer of security on the data protected in the cloud, that of another form would be subject to scrutiny on the part of foreign governments.

But Also We are In England

  • Servers in Europe to take care of some specific needs of our clients

  • Constructed Datacenter TIER III in the outskirts of London in an area of 3000 meters square.

  • Taken care of by 2 sources of being able of 8MVA with UPS in configuration 2N and capacity of energy generation it stops until 72horas in N+1 configuration

  • Infrastructure of water cooling cooled with capacity of concurrent maintenance in N+1 configuration

  • Centralized system N+1 of suppression of flames by sprinkled with system of early detection VESDA and leak detection system.

  • Biometric system of access, perimeter of security, CCTV and personnel of security 24x7x365 with accreditation NSI Gold, among others to fulfill the highest standards of control from access to the different areas from the building.

Compensation of the 100% of the coal emissions.

  • Excellent Availability, Security and Endorsement For Your Information

  • Our operation and main unlimited hosting plans infrastructure are in Colombia.

  • Each one of the DataCenters is located geographically in strategic sites, of such form, that they can serve as endorsement among them

  • Lodged in Datacenters with specifications Tier 3

  • Enabled to tolerate faults, accidents, contingencies and it can maintain his service uninterruptedly, even when it is in maintenance. 

Datacenters certificates to guarantee availabilities of up to 99,98% with contractual commitment SLA (Service Level Agreement) of the 100%

Hosting in Colombia really

We are and We provided with accomodations to you in Colombia

Conexcol, to be physically in Colombia only offers response times to you around 20 milliseconds. With Conexcol not only the speed of access is privileged but it is the only form to fulfill the requirements to guarantee the fulfillment of the Habeas Data. Additionally all our plans include the most modern and sophisticated technologies of hosting that do not offer you in other parts.

Conexcol hosting was born from a necessity ours as enthusiastic developers to develop cheapest dedicated server and other hosting and from Internet in Colombia before the lack from viable supplies in Colombia. Lamentably at present the majorities of the websites are provided with accomodations in the outside with response times of 80 to 200 milliseconds following the country where they provide with accomodations to you. Our affordable vps hosting cpanel is also very good. Because it is providing your website with MySQL, PHP, etc. After proving our vps hosting reseller service never you will think more about contracting another service of hosting. 

Only Conexcol offers the best technology to you of hosting and servers in Colombia. The others…
Foreigners who put of s
s who gain foreign commissions of hostings
Remarketers of foreigners who simulate to be companies
s who without saying to you provide with accomodations to you abroad
They provide with accomodations to you in Colombia but without support, price nor suitable technology

Conexcol is and provides with accomodations in Colombia!

We work Only with the Best ones