Louis Vuitton might be made in a village in Texas in the future

Want to know from where the hands of the brand system, should be very consistent with the current people’s consumption mentality. According to the “women’s Daily” reported that the LVMH group announced its Louis Vuitton brand in the United States of Texas, he bought nearly 300 acres (about 1 million 215 thousand square meters) of land, the city is located in the suburbs of Dallas, only has a population of 4000.

Louis Vuitton will use the land to build the latest leather factory, the third factory in the United States, the former two in California. It is reported that factory facilities are expected to start construction by the beginning of next year and will be officially opened by 2019, and the final number of employees will reach 500.

LVMH Group Chairman and CEO Bernard Arnault met with us president Donald Trump earlier this year, and has said that its company is seeking to expand their manufacturing business in the US. Although Texas does not look like a French fashion house will choose the location, but this is not surprising, we need to know that cattle farm is one of the largest industry in the state. Johannsen has only six cattle farms in one county.

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