Louis Vuitton lost the patent of classic pattern

After being snubbed by Chinese consumers, the luxury brand Louis Vuitton suffered a major blow. The European Union German court abolished the two trademark rights of the brand in April 21st.

The luxury brand Louis Vuitton was hit by the EU German court in April 21st to cancel the brand’s two trademark rights. Louis Vuitton was sentenced to no longer have two trademark rights, the brown rice chessboard pattern and the black gray chessboard pattern. The two trademark rights were registered in August 27, 1998 and November 21, 2008 respectively.

In 2011, the EC internal market Coordinator (OHIM) once said: “this pattern is a controversial trademark. It is very simple. It is well known that it is widely used in the decoration of goods. ” OHIM also said, “the controversial trademark pattern has no obvious distinction from other grid patterns, which is not consistent with the trademark’s recognition and originality. In response to the above decision, Louis Weedon has not announced that the company will continue to appeal.

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